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The Nia Technique- Classic Nia*

The Nia Technique

60 minute non-impact class that blends uplifting music with dance, martial arts and yoga-type floorplay. If you like Jazzercise or Zumba, you’ll love Nia. All the music and easy-to-embrace choreography, minus harsh impact or senseless flailing. With Nia, you’ll learn how to consciously move your body, in a variety of healthy ways, while en-Joy-ing yourself.

If you want to: Improve balance, heart and lung (“cardio”) function, reaction time, and coordination.  Increase your sense of joy and expressiveness.  Feel exhilarated versus exhausted,  improve/balance your mood, find your voice, be part of a community,  and sleep better.

If you like : Zumba, Jazzercise, any kind of dancing, music, old-school aerobics.

* These classes are offered by 3 Nia teachers:  Melanie McFarland, Ann Nicolaysen, Laurana Walsh and Shandi Wolfe-Weaver.

The Melt Method

MELT roller_Nikki

The Melt Method

The MELT Method® (MELT) is a self-treatment technique that helps prevent pain, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of aging and active living. This unique Hands-off Bodywork™ approach is the first treatment that simulates the techniques – and the results – of manual therapy.

MELT is the first neurofascial technique. This patent-pending method brings your body back to a more ideal state by directly enhancing body awareness, rehydrating connective tissue, and quieting the nervous system. The first time you MELT, you see and feel a difference – and over time, you can transform how your body looks and feels.


If you want to: Diminish every day aches and pains, improve upright posture, learn self-care you can do at home.

If you like: massage, reflexology, yoga and other inwardly directed type of bodywork you can do yourself.

Jill Pagano, MELT instructor is offering MELT classes and private sessions.

If you are interested in our upcoming MELT classes, please email:

Tai Chi & Qigong

Tai Chi with Sifu Viola B.

This 60 minute class taught by SiFu Viola Brumbaugh focuses on the traditional Yang Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) 108 form as its foundation, along with silk reeling, Longevity Joint Lubrication Qigong (Chi Kung), applications and push hands.  Students of all levels welcome.

If you want: inner strength, a balance of stability with mobility, enhance  your flexibility, enhance your balance. Tues/Thur 8:30-9:30am.

If you like: slow dancing, meditation, a slower, quieter pace class experience and mind-body connection.

*This class is offered through Sifu Viola with separate pricing. Details here.


Weekly Yoga Class*

kat allen

Weekly Yoga classes with Kat Allen

Beautifully sequenced  classes that cycle through all the limbs of yoga, offering students a chance to encounter their physical, mental-emotional and spiritual edges, while cultivating compassion and a Witness Consciousness.  Classes are marked by sustained creativity, attention to breath, energy and alignment, both flowing and held postures (our pace is slower than most gyms), a focus on various forms of balances and chanting for brain health, the safe practice of inversions, and meditation.

If you want or need: reflective, variable paced practice where you learn about your body and what it needs via the practice of yoga, lengthening and strengthening while restoring a balanced nervous system

* This class is offered through Kat Allen with separate pricing. Details and more information here.


Bellydance Drills & Frills*

Bellydance w/Mirabai

Bellydance w/Mirabai

This 60-minute class, taught by Mirabai, is a push-you-to-the-next-level class for beyond-the-basics and intermediate
belly dance students. We’ll refine posture and arms, presence and Egyptian Oriental movement vocabulary through drills and exercises. We’ll study the rhythms and music with which all belly dancers should be familiar. And we’ll add the pizzazz of props such as zills, veils and fan veils.


Mirabai Dance*

Bellydance w/Mirabai

Bellydance w/Mirabai

This 60-minute class, taught by Mirabai, is the place where we pull all our drills and frills together into choreographed,
performance-worthy pieces.Learn choreography. Learn the whys and “what-for” of choreography. And learn to polish and perform it with
others. Pre-req: Belly dance Drills & Frills.

If you want to: Learn or drill advanced belly dance movements and concepts. Improve posture, balance, heart and lung function. Increase your mind-body awareness. Feel exhilarated and inspired. Explore culture through dance. Take this adventure further!

*Pricing for Belly dance can be found by clicking on the specific class on
our calendar.

Pilates and Gyro Mat

Derik Kleinhesselink Pilates Mat

Derik Kleinhesselink
Pilates Mat

A 55 minute full-body conditioning class focused on body awareness, breath, and flow. Pilates and Gyro Mat will engage your muscles and your mind in a wonderful combination that is challenging and invigorating, yet appropriate for any stage of life and adaptable to any body.

Through Pilates and Gyro Mat you will lengthen and tone your muscles without residual soreness while developing a strong and stable core for your body. Pilates has also been proven to increase brain function due to the emphasis on precision, concentration and memorization of movement patterns.

If you want to: relieve back pain, improve posture, strengthen muscle awareness and lean and lengthen your body.

If you like: Yoga, gyrotonics, pilates, mindful movement


BodySense: a Movement Meditation & Dance

BodySense w/ Jill

This 60-minute class is based on Jill’s somatic education where you’ll be invited to sense your body. Jill brings a one-of-a-kind experience and opportunity to slow down, drop inward and condition your body through movement meditation and dance. Throughout class you’ll have time to be present to your body’s experience and make choices for more pleasure and conditioning. Unique to BodySense,  you’ll be guided to Sense your body in movement, in space and in alignment at your own pace. This class is perfect for all levels. The class starts on the floor and expands to uprightness and dancing!

Class feels like a mix of meditation, yoga, tai chi, and dance–all designed to be playful and meaningful.  Each week we’ll have a focus for our movement meditation that will bring us to a deeper relationship to our body and our self. You’ll stretch, strengthen and yes, gain cardiovascular conditioning too!

Our playground is spontaneity, freedom, expressiveness, and individuality. Class is designed barefoot but thin, soft shoes are welcome.

If you want to: build overall strength and flexibility while becoming more aware of your sensing your body, even the small details of your body. Improves posture and core strength.  Self-heal from pain around specific joints: shoulder, spine, hip and knee. Decrease anxiousness and become more grounded. Improves breath control and helps you slow down.

If you like:  traditional yoga, stretching, meditation,  dance, Feldenkrais (Awareness through Movement), Tai Chi, Chi Gong.